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Friday 18 June 2010 | Posted by Kishi | Guess what?



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Father’s day with Foodaholics on June 20th!

Monday 14 June 2010 | Posted by Kishi | Guess what?
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Two great years at the other CIA

Monday 14 June 2010 | Posted by Kishi | Guess what?

I have had a lot of people ask me about culinary school and CIA ( )   here are my thoughts in the article that came in MAIL TODAY 🙂
Two great years at the other CIA
By Kishi Arora

AT that stage in their life when SRCC graduates dream of pursuing an MBA, I was probably the only exception who broke the norm and pursued my passion for the culinary arts. My research for culinary schools began in the simplest possible way – Google Search. I used key words like " best culinary/ cooking school in the world". In 2002, I was accepted at the Culinary Institute of America ( CIA), which has a tradition of producing great chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, Sara Moulton, Todd English and Charlie Palmer.

Just as Harvard and Stanford are brand names for prospective MBA students, the CIA is their equivalent for culinary students. During the two years there, apart from focusing on my majors – Baking and Pastry, I learnt about the aesthetics of preparing, tasting, serving and displaying food. The CIA focused on allround development and that helped me set up my own business. I was exposed to subjects such as menu development, food and beverage costing, design and styling of food items, product knowledge and wine tasting, to name a few. The CIA not only covers the theoretical aspects of the business, but also exposes students to practical situations so that they advance from skills kitchens, to meal preparation kitchens, to the award- winning on– campus public restaurants.

The classes at the CIA provided me with formal education in my subject, but my interactions with other students, who came from all over the world, infused in me the passion to excel in my field. In my second year, I travelled cross- country to Seattle to work at Dahlia lounge – a Tom Douglas enterprise.

The work experience, or ' externship', as they call it, helped me in a big way to understand the real world of the food industry. This ' externship' is a requirement for all students graduating from the CIA. Once I was back at school, I got to delve into the art and science of baking and pastry- making because of the curriculum that covered hearth breads and rolls, cookies and tarts, classic and contemporary cakes, besides chocolates and confections.

At the CIA, one also gets to become a part of a support network that spans the industry, irrespective of whether you're a chef, restaurateur, food writer, food service manager, or a research and development professional. The degrees offered at the CIA are those of Associates ( AOS) and Bachelors ( BPS). The transition to college life in a new country can be challenging. Mine at the CIA was smooth and I have only pleasant memories of the two years I spent there.

Kishi Arora is a pastry chef and consultant at Foodaholics, which produces made- to- order desserts. To know more about her work, go to www. foodaholics. in/ blog.

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Saturday 5 June 2010 | Posted by Kishi | Guess what?


Angel hair pasta: ½ packet

Assorted veggies: (diced)

Zucchini- 1 No.

Onions- 5 Nos.

Garlic- 5 cloves

Broccoli- 1 small head

Baby Corn- 1 punit

Mushrooms- 1 punit

Sun dried tomatoes- ½ a jar

Olive oil- 3 tbsp

Cream- ½ liter

Chili flakes

Salt and pepper



  • In a pan sauté onions and garlic in the olive oil till golden brown.
  • Add mushrooms, sauté until they are cooked.
  • Deglaze with cream, add sun dried tomatoes and simmer.
  • Cook pasta in another pot. Cook till al dente. Just 2 minutes before you drain the pasta add broccoli to the pasta. Drain.
  • Sauté zucchini, baby corn add to the cream sauce.
  • Add the pasta, broccoli to the sauce and season with salt, pepper and chili flakes.
  • Serve warm and garnish with parsley!

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