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At Foodaholics you will find a 360 degree offering – technical food consulting, trained chef on board, and perfectly executed desserts from various countries.

We are happy to introduce to you Foodaholics,our cake and dessert company. As your cakesmith, we have come up with a range of cakes, desserts and puddings in an assortment of exotic flavors from Blueberry to Orange Chocolate to Vanilla Bavarian and more – all made to order.

Our chocolates are pure French or Belgian,Single Origin – just as you want them.

And if you have any reservations about eggs, we have a special, exhaustive range of eggless ones for you.

Hate the hassle of traffic jams, or wanna spend that extra time at the salon? Foodaholics has just the option for you – just email or call us, and we’ll have the cakes delivered at your doorstep!

The cakes/desserts/puddings come in different sizes:
4″ serves 2-4 people
6″ serves 6-8 people
8″ serves 10-16 people
12″ serves 16-20 people

So come, become a Foodaholic!! Order now – eat your cakes and have the icing too!!

If you want to send it to any of friends and family in Delhi, you can also order for them and do payment online!!!!


A pastry chef by profession, Kishi Arora, spends her day dreaming up ways to tickle, surprise and indulge the taste buds of discerning foodies in Delhi.

Linger over the menu at Foodaholics, and it quickly becomes apparent that a wonderful talent is at work. Kishi, your cakesmith, as she likes to be called, has conjured up a range of premium cakes, desserts and puddings in an assortment of exotic flavours.

So how did this livewire – who began life with commerce, transform into a pastry chef?
Confesses Kishi, “it took a lot more than just tantrums to convince my parents that my sense of smell and the passion to bake was so strong that I could catch a mere whiff of cooking and spell out its ingredients blindfolded!”

From Shri Ram College of Commerce in India to the Culinary Institute of America, changing geographies changed her career for all times to come – from crunching numbers to whipping up desserts!! She specialized in baking and pastry and was awarded the best international student scholarship with the highest GPA.

She has done time in the food industry, having previously worked in the Four Seasons Hotel in California and Singapore as well as a slew of upmarket bakeries, while in the states.

She moved back from the US two years ago and has since been studying the Indian market and related trends. To begin with, she started as a food consultant. Her eye for detail, no compromises on quality and personalized service – run through every aspect of Kishi’s Foodaholics.

The goodies at Foodaholics is more than a labour of love.

It’s her way to spread good cheer and happiness – all the year round.

You can reach her at : Email id

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  1. Comment by sarah — November 9, 2011 @ 9:26 pm

    i need biography of kishi arora for my college assignment..pls provide me, i would appreciate and in a way, it will promote foodaholics to many youth

  2. Comment by Kishi — November 11, 2011 @ 12:45 am

    just write to her on kishi (at) foodaholics (dot) in

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