Friend’s daily dose-recipe this time-zafran ghost!

Tuesday 2 June 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Non Veg Food

I have not been doing too well, sick with fever and bad throat and then will be out of town for my friend’s engagement(which will be lots of fun:)
Meanwhile I got a recipe from one of my regular customer who got this recipe from “Salman Khan’s Mom” .
Also I would like call him(customer=Swapan) my friend as he is a well wisher ,always gives good advice and tips and add to the the icing he is a foodie!
The best part I like about my friend Swapan is that he writes this daily dose…in which he shares some very interesting thoughts.(go to facebook and look for Swapan’s Daily dose and join it)

When he gave me the recipe I realized that I couldn’t make it as I am vegetarian so for all the meat lovers out there this one is for you…

I will try my take on the same with some veggies and paneer once I am fit to cook and try!

The recipe he shared:

1 kg boneless mutton or beef
2 tbsp oil
2 medium onions, cut into quarters
2 whole dried red chilies
tsp powdered caraway seeds (shah jeera)
1 tbsp lightly roasted gram flour (besan)
1 tbsp powdered cashew nuts
1 tbsp powdered poppy seeds (khus-khus)
1 tbsp ground dry coconut
1 tbsp powdered chironji (charoli)
tsp saffron

1 cups thick curd, whisked
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
1 tbsp chopped green chilies
1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
1 tbsp chopped mint leaves
1 tsp salt
1 tsp red chili powder
tsp turmeric powder
6 green cardamoms, powdered
tsp powdered mace (javitri)
tsp powdered cinnamon

1 tbsp black raisins

Wash meat, pat dry and cut into two-inch cubes. Combine ingredients for marinade, mix in meat and marinate for 30 minutes. Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add onions and fry till golden brown. Drain and set aside. Add red chilies to the hot oil and fry for a few moments.

Mix in meat with its marinade and cook under pressure for 15 minutes. Allow cooker to cool before opening it. Stir in remaining ingredients except saffron, and cook over low heat for seven to eight minutes, stirring occasionally.

Happy Chomping!

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