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Sunday 19 April 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Stew

Its one of those days- am overworked tired and 24 hours seem less. Wish god had made 40 hrs in a day or we had a system that one could just imagine and the work would get done. I am setting up to add a new faction to Foodaholics and start chocolates also. I want to do all these fusion wild passionate flavours. Oh well will talk about that later in a different post.


Okay so my friend Mridu is coming for a night spend and generally when I have my friends over I try making something fancy so they get to try and that gives me a break from work!

Did I tell you I make the best food when I am either tired or angry…it’s my way of exercise! And I get my adrenalin rush from cookery. I have had flashes when I am cooking something but in my mind I am making a whole buffet like I am feeding an army.

So coming back to dinner…there were lots of choices, Buckwheat noodles or whole wheat Singapore style or green tea noodles, wild rice or couscous. So I let Mridu decide for all of us (Mridu, my brother and I) and she decided some sort of a stir fry with wild rice…but then I was in the mood for something Mediterranean. So finally I decided to make a mix stew with wild rice. Call it my version of vegetarian gumbo.




1 tbsp                                                            oil

4-5                                                                  garlic cloves; minced

2                                                                      onions; sliced (half moon)

1                                                                      zucchini; chopped

2                                                                      carrots; chopped

7-8                                                                  baby corn; sliced length wise

1 box                                                              mushroom; chopped (1×4)

7-8                                                                  shitake mushrooms; sliced thinly

100 gms                                                        american corn         ; nibbles       

1 small                                                           cauliflower; small florets

1 cup                                                              garbanzo beans; boiled

100-200 gms                                               spinach; roughly chopped

2 cups                                                            roma tomatoes; medium diced

2 cubes                                                          vegetable stock; maggi cubes

2 tsp                                                               salt

1 tsp                                                               red chilli flakes

1 tsp                                                               black pepper; ground coarsely

1/2 tsp                                                           turmeric                   

Handful                                                         parsley; garnish                                                     



1.     Take oil in a deep dish and sauté garlic and onions in the same pan till they are just translucent. Golden brown is not what we are looking for.

2.     Add the roma tomatoes and all the spices.

3.     Let it simmer for 10 mins. Add the veg cubes with some warm water.

4.     Let this simmer for another 10 mins.

5.     Sauté all the vegetables separately.(Easy way take a big pan add few drops of oil and on a high heat sauté ,put in a plate and use the same pan over and over).

6.     Add the vegetables in the stew and add the garbanzo beans and corn. Give it a stir.

7.     Add the spinach last. Give it a quick boil.

8.     Add some parsley for garnish.


Serve with Wild rice or Pita bread.


A flavoursome something to eat just makes my day…hope you guys take pleasure in when you make this recipe! Happy cooking …do tell me how it wasJ

My version of gumbo

My version of gumbo


mambo jumbo

mambo jumbo

Wholesome meal

Wholesome meal

Brown wild rice

Brown wild rice

Indian Gumbo

Indian Gumbo



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