Quick green onion fix…

Monday 19 October 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Easy Cooking,Taste

Green Onion vegetable

So a couple of days back I had sent my driver to pick up some fruits and veggies on his way back from a cake delivery! While he was shopping for the stuff I also called him to pick up some green onions. I was thinking I’ll make some Chinese food. This is how the conversation went:

S: Ji didi?
K: Sunil get some hara pyaaj also!
S: Ji didi!
After 15 mins I call him to check if he had enough cash!

K: Sunil pese hai na tumhare paas? (Sunil do you have enough money?)
S: Ji didi abhi mene apne paas se de diye hai. (I have given money from my side)
K: Pyaz kitne ke aaya?
S: Didi Rs.150 ka!
K: What …kesa kaunsa pyaz kharida hai??

I just put the phone down and cracked up! When he came home I realized what he did. He picked up 2 kgs of it! Like I had to cook for a wedding! Why what was the reason I really couldn’t understand and I just looked at him and said u had to get 100 Gms!! What happened…he was so confused himself I just let it be!!

So what do I do with 2 kgs of green onions? We sent some to the neighbours; we add that in all the vegetables as garnish! And we still have a lot left…

So mom decided to make some Green Onion Sabzi. I quite liked it myself. Simple it was!

Take some mustard oil heat it add some potatoes and sauté them till golden brown and partially cooked. Cover for 5-10 mins and cook it all the way…And add the chopped green onions. Add salt pepper and Red chilli powder to taste.

Quick and delicious!

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