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Monday 30 November 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Easy Cooking,Taste

This month has been crazy, sort of not so great for me. Grand dad sick in hospital, too many weddings to attend and a crazy painful stomach! I have started feeling that somewhere just because I am a chef I am not really watching what I am eating.

Watch what you eat...

Watch what you eat...

Overindulgence you see. I dont wanna turn up like the lady in the pic 😉 So I am going to watch what I eat now. Winters vegetables are great. Will go for more salads and soups and forget the shaadi food! Ahh my heart breaks thinking about not trying this and that…and at the same time I know I got to do it.

I have been working on some Christmas goodies for you foodaholics out there. One of the few items that will be available will be fudge with lots of different flavours which will be available through the website. Watch out the space for the upcoming goodies.

I have been bad with blogging and I will probably post some in post date to show what I have read over a period of time. To begin with try the Kanji recipe I saw on face book. Give it a try!

Why am i telling you this recipe..well one its the season second its really healthy!

Swapan writes some very interesting daily tips.From something nice: a dish, a restaurant, a wine, a place to stay in, a pickle to buy, a cd to listen to, a dvd to watch, great places to get food from, artists to collect, books to read. He posts a tip a day. Check it out here

It’s that time of the year when this becomes mandatory drinking. Enjoy.


1 kg dark carrots

2 teaspoons Rai Dana ( Mustard Seeds)

4 teaspoon salt.

2 teaspoon red chilli ( less or more according to your taste)

5 Pudina Leaves ( Mint leaves)

4 litre water


1. Wash and scrape the carrots lightly.

2. Cut the carrots in 1 inche long pieces.

3. Take the mustard seeds and dry grind them in a mortar and pestle.

4. Take a mixing bowl and add mix the carrots with salt, red chilli, Mustard Seeds. ( Take a steel bowl or heat proof mixing bowl, otherwise it will crack)

5. Take 4 litres of water and bring to boil.

6. Now add the hot water in the mixing bowl.

7. Let this mixture cool down.

8. Add this mixture on cooling into an airtight wide mouth jar or bottle.

9.Now keep this bottle in the sun for 5 days, during the day just shake the bottle once or twice. ( Each night bring in the bottle and keep at room temperature. )

10. After 5 days keep this bottle in the fridge.

11. Serve chiiled with some mint leaves.

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