Mulberry-Fruit composed of smalled fruits…

Friday 10 April 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Fruits



Its quite muggy weather and I was thinking of time I was in Laos and all of a sudden I wanted to drink the tea I got from there. I am not a big coffee aficionado, in fact not at all. But a hard core tea drinker and have a tendency to collect tea from all the places I visit be it Dharamkot, or Vancouver or earthy local shops in San Diego. 

Mulberry is very popular in Laos and so is Mulberry tea/wine etc. It’s primarily grown to raise silk worms. I picked it up from Van Vieng. It had become a local drink there and lots of people had started there own organic farms. Mulberry tea does have a lot of health benefits from controlling cholesterol to weight loss to fix problems in kidneys and it has basic eminence of any tea – antioxidants!!

I quickly boiled some water and added the tea leaves let it steep for a min or two and its ready to drink. The taste is very distinct and nothing in common with the mulberries we eat in India (shehtoot as they say in Hindi).A lot might find the taste as insipid. But the tea has a very delicate fragrance. My recollection of mulberry was to collect the fruit when few friends shook the trees in school at Lodhi road and the berries would break open coz they were so flimsy and get a scolding from mom as the stains wouldn’t wash out.JI reckon it was the funny note on the wall that I read in van Vieng while sipping on the tea and some great food that I had that I still laugh a lot when I drink the tea every once in a while at home:)


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