Pale Tint of Violet-Lavender

Thursday 16 April 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Guess what?

Lavender Flower

Lavender Flower



So had a sort of last min order today. And I wanted to make something I have been just thinking about …Lavender Panna Cotta.

 Lavender: The striking mauve colour flowers or shall I say pale tint of violet. They have one of the most remarkable, pleasing; relaxing fragrance .It is one of my favourite ingredients to use in desserts or food. Making food is therapeutic for me and adding lavender is like self aromatherapy.

I still have some amazing memories of Lavender Honey .Crystal (a chef friend living in Australia), had talked about this beach festival, which had this sort of flea market/farmers market. It was in Ocean Beach Festival (San Diego) .Sea, sand and the fresh alluring lavender. I had tried Lavender honey for the first time and that’s when I found out that Lavender flowers yield abundant nectar which yields a high-quality honey for beekeepers.

Let me share with you my 2 cents on lavender-

·         Have made scones with lavender…initially I had my doubts but I tell you they for sure are tantalizing

·         I use lavender syrups to soak my cakes…I pair them with different chocolates. You see I love French chocolate and French lavender is the icing on the cake. So thus both become a killer combination!

·         Have candied the flowers or buds as they say and used it as decoration on my cakes…have always loved that rustic look and showcasing the ingredient you use as decoration thus keeping it simple and elegant.

·         Teas of course…infuse it with any white tea and it will add a fresh scent, flavor to it.

·         Any dessert that calls for cream you can steep the cream with lavender and get a new fusion dessert! Tip: little goes long way!

·         Lavender Sugar: Okay here is a quick trick

1.       Take some breakfast sugar and put in the lavender buds

2.       Rub it in between your palms and make sure your hands are dry. Some oils come out and that’s what we are looking for. We want the oil from the buds to get mixed with the small translucent granules of sugar. If you want you can wear gloves and add pinch of violet color (the same one that you add in icings)

3.       Put it in a container with a wide mouth and store it at a warm dry place. Almost like the top of the oven or microwave for a day.Voila you have your lavender sugar is ready!

JA secret I do the same with citrus peels too and you have a gourmet sugar. Serve someone lavender tea with lemon sugar…for sure you will get a compliment!

·         If you have some extra flower pots, grow some lavender as long its sunny and well drained soil.

·         Decorate your kitchen …add some lavender sticks with the flowers and all your strong pungent smell is taken care of!

·         Mix some lavender buds with mint and jasmine flowers your own potpourri or put them in small cheese cloth sachets and put in under your pillow…you will have a sweet sleep!

·         I think its better said: add it to your salad. It will add a bit of crunch to it.

·         To all my friends who love fusion…add lavender to your champagne.

Cheers to that!


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