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Thursday 4 June 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Dips,Guess what?

home made peanut butterSick and throat has been bad, yet I eat everything! Poor doctors…hehehe!

After a long time had a peanut butter sandwich…Simple recipe on how to make a sandwich:
🙂 take the bread of your choice…toast it/or the way it, take a knife and spread some good peanut butter on it add jam/jelly whatever you like if you like 😉

Delhi has a whole bunch of varieties:
Skippy – the old classic American one.
Fab India -organic peanut butter I recommend only if you are in that health mode.
Rupa foods -another local brand
And then my last but the favourite is to make your own peanut butter:

Store bought peanut butter is high on salt and contains added saturated fats, which are not hale and hearty. Here’s a truly fast and unproblematic recipe to make peanut butter at home.
1 cup of peanuts,
1 teaspoon oil (you can use peanut oil or any other vegetable oil that doesn’t have a strong fragrance)
A pinch of salt.
Take roasted, unsalted peanuts. For first timers- go for ones that are already roasted and shelled. Shortly, when you are more practised, you can shell the peanuts at home and roast them in the oven. Perfect during winter times when we get lovely peanuts and cheap too! Leave the red skin on if you like the taste. Now put the peanuts in the food processor. Add the oil and the salt. After starting, check after a minute or so. If you like yours chunky like me don’t grind it for too long. But if you prefer a smooth silky paste then grind it longer till it’s downy. If the butter seems too thick, add some more oil to it.
There- your homemade peanut butter is all set to eat. You can stock up to eat afterwards as well.
Enjoy your treat and let me know how it turned out!

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