Salty Pecan Toffee

Monday 9 April 2012 | Posted by Kishi | foodaholics

I was going through some old pictures last night – to be specific : time spent in San Diego. Next I know I was thinking about the Mexican food and the English toffee from old town. God the craving!!!So I decided to make some toffee at midnight. It took me approx 1 hour. Mission Accomplished. 2 in the morning I was nibbling on toffee and some Bailey Bavarian Mousse truffles I made. Here is a step by step recipe of toffee

( all pictures taken using a blackberry)


200 gms pecans

Put them in the oven at 150 c for about 8-10 mins till lightly roasted

 300 gms sugar, 300 gms butter and 100 gms water melt in a sauce pan

Start cooking the mixture on a low flame

While the mix cooks chop the pecans

Stir regularly with a spatula

Once the pecans are chopped put them aside

Add 5- 10 gms fluer de sel to the nuts (optional)

Meanwhile melt the chocolate in microwave/double boiler

Keep on cooking the mix stir , make sure you use a silicone spatula Aim to reach 145 degree C

Keep cooking till amber (145 degree C)

Add vanilla extract 1 tsp

Mix well till all of it combines and you have a homogenous mix

Spread on a silpat with an offset spatula (one of my favorite tool)

Once completely cool spread the melted chocolate

Sprinkle the chopped salted pecans /pat with hand lightly

Cool-break- eat!

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