Whats for pudding today-chilled mango sago!

Thursday 11 June 2009 | Posted by Kishi | desserts

Abundance of mangoes these days, I mean the variety, the colours the taste. Amazing stuff! Give this recipe a try! I enjoyed it after my meal. Simple and delicious!!!

Vanilla Sauce:

500 Gms Milk
500 Gms Heavy Cream
100  Gms Yolks
50 Gms Castor Sugar
2 Vanilla Pods

Boil Milk and Cream with Half sugar with the vanilla pod.
Temper the yolks with the boiled cream and add to the Milk mixture.
Strain and sit to cool.

Water and tapiocaTapioca Pearls


Mango Puree –around a cup (use fresh dusheri mangoes)
Mango pieces – to taste
Coconut Milk- to tasteSoak the sago/tapioca pearls and boil.Add Tapioca with the vanilla sauce and make to desired flavour mango/coconut,

Pour in a martini glass with coconut cookie or angel food cake and garnish with mangoes almond flakes and mint I am putting a video too of the 9X show once I did and I taught the same! EnjoyMango Sago Dessert
Mango on Foodista

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