Garbage management – Very important!

Sunday 1 November 2009 | Posted by Kishi | Guess what?

Some Rotten truths: What is Garbage?

Garbage is the stuff we don’t need anymore, the junk we think is useless. It’s the rejects we don’t want to deal with, and the cast-offs from the way we live. It comes from our homes, businesses, government agencies, and institutions like schools and hospitals. Garbage is also known as “municipal solid waste.”

We create a lot more waste that we never see — waste produced in the process of making all those things we buy, consume, and eventually toss.

I think after meeting all the TED fellows a couple of days back I realized that there is so much more one can do.We can recycle the food around us…

Two of my friends are very passionate about such causes.

Puja Jawahar and Sarath Guttikunda work at UrbanEmissions.Info, promoting awareness of air pollution related issues. Garbage management is a growing problem in the cities and here is how one can manage the “wet waste”.

Here is a little comic presentation prepared by both of them:

 Fool Proof for Composting_Page_1


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_2


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_3


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_4


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_5


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_6


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_7


Fool Proof for Composting_Page_8

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