Food is a passion and desserts signify layering that passion with love. To bring a smile and gratifying experience at their doorstep is the mantra we want to live by,have a peek on what foodaholics say...

It took only a couple of tantalising mailers to get me hooked! I was already familiar with Kishi's earlier projects, and was only too excited to learn of her new venture in personalised desserts. And with my first Foodaholics order, I renewed my adulation, reminding myself why I loved her work so much. Kishi's talents are not limited to the recipe itself. Of course, like any good chef, she always gets it right - the aroma, the flavour, the colour... But there are some things that distinguish a good chef from an accomplished one. Which is what Kishi is, and more. Let me tell you why. --- Kishi constantly re-invents herself to stay ahead of the game: While the classic menu with old favourites may remain untouched, there is always something for the adventurous aficionado. It may be the seasonal fruit that has taken a new avatar, or an exotic spice that adds a dash of mystery to familiar flavours. So, if you're in the mood for something 'zara hatke', this is the right place. --- Art food takes on new meaning: Food is a sensory experience, and Kishi understands that only too well. Familiar and tired of the hackneyed designs, gaudy colours, and ugly textures that one is assaulted by at the run-of-the-mill pâtisserie, I was overwhelmed by the aestheticism in Kishi's creation. Like a conjurer, she had designed a piece of art which could be eaten. How much more tempting could things get! --- Truly personalised service! I had placed the order about a week before I actually wanted it delivered for a close relative. Closer to the delivery date, Kishi was on the phone with me as she was creating my order to ensure that all of my concerns were addressed, so much so that I could almost see the dessert being created before my eyes. That made me feel incredibly special as a customer, and also ensured that the product reflected the care, effort and detail that had gone into its manufacture. These are only three reasons why I find Kishi, and Foodaholics, special. Why don't you discover her for yourself and tell me more?

Sumathi C


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