At Foodaholics, we realise that our customers come to us time and time again to indulge in our exquisite desserts. For some it is in celebration, for others it is for comfort. No matter what the reason, we are out to promise that a Foodaholics dessert meets our customers’ expectations and satisfies them, each and every time.

As we grow as a brand, we have become more passionate about what we do and more focused on meeting and surpassing the demands of our customers. We are committed to continually introducing new and exciting flavours to indulge our customers and hence always keeping the Foodaholics brand at the forefront of their minds.

At the very core of our business philosophy, we exist to serve this indulgence and constantly seek our customers’ valuable feedback so we can continually deliver desserts that lead the trend. We are proud to serve only our very own, because we know our customers deserve … our very best!!

Our credo – every signature item that we create for you in our fantasy world – goes into fulfilling and exceeding your expectations from what you ordered –in taste, look and feel and above all, the ‘wow’ factor.

Our ingredients – fresh, pure from distant lands with finger-licking variety.

Our chef - A pastry chef by profession, Kishi Arora, spends her day dreaming up ways to tickle surprise and indulge the taste buds of discerning foodies in Delhi.

With training from the Culinary Institute of America she specializes in baking and pastry and was awarded the best international student scholarship.

She has done time in the food industry, having previously worked in the Four Seasons Hotel in California and Singapore as well as a slew of up-market bakeries, while in the states.

Foodaholics Consultancy

Foodaholics provides consultancy services to organisations and enterprises involved in or wanting to get into food business. Our services include new product development – from idea through introduction, training kitchen staff.

Your health is important to us !

Health and hygiene are of utmost importance to us. We abide by strict standards when preparing all our creations. In fact, all our gourmet specialties are properly wrapped and packaged. The cold chain is continued in our delivery modules to ensure freshness, right temperatures and absence of undesirable elements

It’s our way of spreading good cheer and happiness – all the year round
So go ahead and enjoy our dessert range, absolutely guilt free!


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